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Harbert Home Systems & Control4 to Keep You Connected Everywhere

Michigan’s own Custom AV Sales & Installation experts explore Total System Integration

Harbert Home Systems & Control4 to Keep You Connected Everywhere

Harbert Home Systems is determined to be your resource for all things home automation. To that end, we wanted to focus this inaugural edition of our new blog on a key integration partner; Control4.

Imagine receiving an alert from your phone while you’re away from home that says your garage door is open, and then it gives you the option of closing it. Or imagine pressing a button as you leave the house and your AC shuts off, your lights go out, and your alarm system powers up. Then, when you return home, another button push brings up the lights you have selected for that time of day, turns on your music or queues your television (or home theater) to your DVR. Such progress is no longer limited to your imagination and such functionality and ease-of-use has made Control4 a preferred entry-level solution for smart home automation.

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