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Hi-tech Household

Hi-tech Household

For Joe and Alexandra Rutkiewicz, the renovation of their 120-year-old house was the perfect opportunity to go hi-tech.

From an audio system throughout the house to a 200-CD music collection that can be accessed from a television screen, the revamped home has all the bells and whistles a media-lover could want.

One audio system pumps music to the kitchen, dining room, front porch and back patio. Separate surround sound systems are located in the living room and in the third floor master suite, which also includes a speaker for the bathroom.

With their entire collection of CDs — from jazz to classic rock — downloaded into a computer system, the Rutkiewicz’s can manage their music, adding or deleting songs or creating a personalized playlist. Or they can browse through their collection on the big-screen TV, choosing what they want to listen to while sitting on the living room couch.


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