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How Easy Is It to Control Your Connected Home?

Smart Home Automation Can Simplify Electronics in Your Property

How Easy Is It to Control Your Connected Home?

With your smart home automation system, simplicity is key. That is, controlling each device in your Rochester Hills, Michigan home should be easy, even if the effects are actually quite complex. But reducing the amount of personal time and energy you spend on daily tasks – even things as simple as drawing the shades – leaves more time for things you want to do. The important thing to keep in mind, though, is that not all systems are created equal. You need a simple, intuitive way to take command of all your home can do. Read on to learn more.

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The Cornerstone of Connection: Control4

Just about any smart device in your home can be controlled either with a dedicated remote or with a downloadable app. But having remotes cluttering up your home, or apps taking up all the storage on your phone or tablet can quickly grow tiresome. What's the point of added convenience if it's entirely inconvenient to take advantage of it?

Luckily, there's Control4 – the smart home system that streamlines control of each device with a single interface. They are known for their emphasis on user-friendly design, and reliable service. The new OS 2.8.1 is so simple to use, everyone from your youngest child to your great grandparents will have no problem with it.

Everything from control of the lights throughout your property, to the locks on each door, to total command of your home entertainment system is in the palm of your hand. Instead of just labeled buttons, you'll get a totally visual experience.

Technology That Learns

The beautiful thing about your smart home isn't just that it's easy to control with a single device, it's that the technology learns how to serve you based on your habits, usage and interests. The reason your home is "smart" is because it can actually learn.

Imagine this: you love to set the thermostat down low right before you go to bed. You even set it to repeatedly lower at a designated time. But sometimes, when you wake up in the morning, you like to warm up quickly. So you use your control device to raise the temperature each morning before you get out of bed. Eventually, your system will be able to record the data and preemptively adjust the temperature to a comfortable degree automatically. Not only that, but it will also learn when you like to turn on the lights, start the music and open up the shades so you'll rarely have to think about those things again.

Are you ready to upgrade your spaces with a smart home automation system that's easy and fun to use? Contact us today.

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