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How Do Motorized Shades Help Your Home?

Your Saginaw Residence Has Never Looked Better

How Do Motorized Shades Help Your Home?

Homeowners want their property to be pristine. From the perfect arrangement of the furniture to the precise landscaping of your lawn, there’s little you won’t do to ensure beautiful living spaces. So why don’t you let your technology help out? Motorized shades are one of the smartest additions you can make to any automated home system. Not only do they offer a sense of style to any area, but they also help you increase security and lower energy costs. In this blog, we’ll show you why smart shading is a bright idea.

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Additional Beauty

For some, the idea that technology can be beautiful is patently ridiculous. However, motorized shades are among the finest examples of high-tech, high-design components. Manufactures like Lutron partner with top designers to provide a product that’s both functional and beautiful.

Smart shading comes in all shapes, sizes and designs and they’re perfect for every room. From sunshades that block UV rays without limiting visibility to full on blackout curtains that keep the sun out of the house completely. Choose from traditional drapes, pull-down curtains, blinds and honeycomb styles to satisfy the look of every space. There’s virtually no limit to the variety of motorized window treatments available.

Save More Energy

As autumn brings on the cooler weather, you’re going to be using your heater more and more. Thankfully, motorized shades can help regulate the temperature in any room by blocking the places where most heat escapes – namely, the windows. Simply draw the shades as you adjust the temperature and you’ll notice a distinct difference in how long the thermostat stays active.

If you prefer to lower lighting costs, motorized shades can help with that, too. Integrate them with your lighting system to engage in “daylight harvesting”; using the Sun’s natural light in your rooms rather than unneeded electricity. If used effectively, your energy bill will see a sharp decline in no time.

A More Secure Home

Privacy and security go hand-in-hand, and smart shading is a great way to add both. With one touch on your tablet, smartphone or dedicated control device you can raise or lower the shades in any room of the home. When you put Junior to bed, simply hit a button and lower the curtains in his bedroom. When you leave the house, another one will lower all of the shades throughout the property.

Plus, you can even integrate them with the rest of your system to create a “mockupancy” setting that makes your home appear occupied even when you’re miles away.

Are you ready to enjoy the beauty, convenience and safety of motorized shades in your Vail Valley home? Contact us today.

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