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Simple Safety: Take Advantage of These Smart Home Security Features

Protect Your Troy Property With Confidence

Simple Safety: Take Advantage of These Smart Home Security Features

Whether you're leaving for work in the morning or packing up for a major family vacation, keeping your home safe while you're away is paramount to maintaining peace of mind. Even in safe and family-friendly neighborhoods like Troy, Michigan, home security can be a cause of anxiety while you're away. Luckily, integrated technology can help. Never forget to lock the doors or turn off the lights before you leave when your house secures itself from potential threats. Read on to learn more.

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Keyless Entry Systems

One of the best ways to use integrated technology to enhance the safety of your home is the keyless entry system. There are a lot of advantages to these devices – not the least of which is being able to lock or unlock the door remotely with your smartphone. But that doesn't mean you have to act as the doorman for anyone who wants to get into your home; there are plenty of ways to personalize entry.

A very common version of the keyless entry system is a code-based system. Every member of your family gets a personalized code that allows them to enter and exit at will. Plus, you can give temporary codes to the housekeeper or the nanny, so they can enter while you're out of the house. Receive push notifications when they enter it, and review records of who has used each for enhanced benefit.

Additionally, biometric locks are quickly rising in popularity. With these devices, access is coded to your fingerprint. The benefits are obvious: your home is even more secure because every key is as unique as the individual who has access.

Geo-Fencing for Long Trips

Another great idea for enhancing the security of your property is geo-fencing. This technology will automatically put your home into "away" or "vacation" mode when you are a pre-determined distance from it. Conversely, it will prepare for your arrival as you return. By tracking your location with your smartphone's GPS, it can ensure that your spaces are safe, even if you forget.

When your home goes into "away" mode, it shuts down all unused devices while you're out. It also tells your smart lights and shades to enter a "mockupancy" mode – essentially mimicking usage based on previously-recorded data to make it seem as if someone is in the house. Lights alternate between rooms while shades rise and lower in realistic ways.

Are you ready to enjoy the enhanced home security features your integrated system has to offer? Contact us today.

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