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Save More With Home Lighting Control Solutions

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Save More With Home Lighting Control Solutions

Now that the summer is here, the sun is staying out later and there’s less need to use up energy illuminating your home. Integrated home lighting control can help offset consumption of electricity, resulting in lower bills and a greener home. By taking advantage of the long-lasting daylight with various components throughout your property, you can have a more effective and efficient lighting system. In this blog, we’ll show you some great ways that smart lighting can save you more.

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Fun fact: one of the quickest ways to save energy at home is through your lighting. And one of the easiest ways to save through lighting is through dimmers. But modern dimmers aren’t like your grandma’s radio-dial dimmers – they help create an elegant, layered and energy-saving glow throughout each room.

According to Lutron, a leading manufacturer of smart lighting products, you can save up to 30 percent on your energy expenditure by just adding dimmers. Craft beautiful highlighting effects by dimming individual lights while leaving others bright, and change it all around with one touch on your tablet or smartphone.

Occupancy Sensors

Another smart way to save energy is with occupancy sensors. How many times have you left a room, only to realize you left the lights on? Occupancy sensors are a hands-free way of never forgetting to turn them off.

One of the most important features of occupancy sensors is that they can determine, based on pre-set criteria, whether the lights are needed. For instance, when you enter a room, the lights will automatically turn on. However, if your dog enters an otherwise unused room, the sensors will not react.

Daylight Harvesting

If you’ve been following our blog, you probably know that a closely related cousin of automated lighting is motorized window treatments. Among the most efficient ways to lower energy costs while enjoying the beauty of natural light, smart shading can transform the look and feel of your home.

When the two systems are integrated, you can use daylight harvesting technology to its greatest effect. By responding to the amount of natural light in a space, your shades can raise or lower, and your fixtures can dim automatically. That way, your home is never using more energy than it needs to.

Are you ready to enjoy extra savings this summer with home lighting control solutions? Contact us today.

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