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Run a Better Business With These Commercial Automation Solutions

Manage Your Sports Bar With Style and Ease

Run a Better Business With These Commercial Automation Solutions

As the summer starts to fade and football season begins, there’s going to be a lot of hungry sports fans looking for a place to grab some grub and enjoy the game. That means it’s time for you to begin prepping for the coming onslaught of clientele. One of the smartest ways to do that is by implementing commercial automation solutions in your Troy, Michigan sports bar. In this blog, we’ll show you some smart ways to simplify business and satisfy customers with integrated technology. Read on for more.

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Establish a Wi-Fi Network

Many of today’s restaurant-goers are looking for more than a creative menu and comfortable atmosphere. They want to stay connected with their friends and family while they munch on nachos and cheer on the Lions. That’s why it’s essential for you to establish a commercial Wi-Fi network for them.

Essentially, commercial Wi-Fi works just like the type in your home, with only a few small, but key differences. The first is a customized gateway page. Not only will you be able to further remind your customers of your branding and place an ad or two in front of them (resulting in additional revenue), but, even more importantly, they’ll have to agree to your terms and conditions before use. That will protect you from any potential legal ramifications if anyone does something against the law online.

The second key difference is that it will work just as well for management and employees as it will for the customers. Be sure to set up a secure private network so you can use it without disturbing your customers, or vice versa.

Oh, and when you have a network installed, you’ll also be able to take advantage of plenty of wireless integrated technology.

Integrated Touch-Pads 

Among the most popular trends in eateries across the country is the touch-pad embedded into the table. Not only can you use it to place more ads in front of your guests, but they can use it to customize their experience. Add buttons like “reorder drinks” to the screen to give them quick access to another round.

Moreover, the in-table touch-pads can double as a TV when not being used for ordering. That way, clients can cheer on the home team from the comfort and privacy of their own booth.

Lastly, it can even act as a POS. By adding a card reader and the appropriate software, customers can easily review their bill and pay without having to call the waiter over again. The results are happier guests and servers who can reach more tables.

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