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How Home Lighting Control Enhances Your Home Theater

Smart Lighting in Your Private Cinema

How Home Lighting Control Enhances Your Home Theater

When Grand Rapids, MI homeowners begin planning a home theater, they often think about the size of the screen and the sharpness of the 4K picture. One aspect that’s not often at the top of mind is home lighting control. However, smart lighting can enhance your entire viewing experience. In this blog, we’ll explore the different ways that you can improve your home theater with integrated lighting features. Read on to learn more.

Zonal Control

When you integrate smart lighting controls, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. No two homes are exactly the same, so you want a system designed for your space. And this isn’t more apparent anywhere than in your home theater. By customizing a smart lighting layout, you can command specific zones individually to greater efficiency and effect.

Consider this: you’ve designed the home theater of your dreams. It contains a screen and projector, customized seating and even a fully operational bar. In the middle of your movie, you decide it’s time to fix a drink. There’s no need to illuminate the entire room – simply light up the bar zone. Your integrator can even position the fixtures away from the screen, so there’s minimal interruption.

Track Lighting

Have you ever noticed, when you walk into a commercial movie theater, that there are lights along the walkways to indicate where you should step? Those aren’t just there for aesthetics – they actually help movie-goers navigate when the lights are off, and they don’t disrupt the movie while in progress. You can actually install similar lighting in your home theater.

Track lighting has many benefits, but primarily it helps you get around without tripping over anything. If your home theater is built on uneven surfaces, perhaps if there’s a step in the middle of the room, you can easily avoid tripping with this simple and unobtrusive convenience.

Screen and Frame Backlighting

Want to get creative with your lighting? Backlighting installed behind the screen or picture frames can enhance the look and feel of your theater. While the types of light probably won’t provide much in the way of extra visibility, it’s a cool design choice that enhances any theater space.

Additionally, backlighting is frequently designed from LED fixtures because of their easily-customizable structures. That means that they’re extremely energy efficient and you can choose the perfect color setting for the occasion. Have a horror movie marathon coming up? Choose a bloody red hue. Ready for a romantic comedy? Select a light blue or purple. The options are virtually endless.

Can home lighting control enhance your home theater? Contact Harbert Home Systems today to find out more!

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